ADVANCED CERAMICS prides itself in the quality of the products that it manufactures. We perform continuous SPC using C=0 inspection processes to make sure all parts are made within specified tolerances. Any product issues are addressed immediately and efficiently and we stive to maintain our 100% Quality rating with all of our customers.


ADVANCED CERAMICS has innovative and experienced engineers to create customized solutions for all your thermal insulation needs. We offer an extensive R & D lab to create new prototypes quickly and can run preliminary furnace and fire tests simultaneously to ensure success early in the production cycle.


ADVANCED CERAMICS has a revolutionary manufacturing process and we conduct extensive time trials in order to obtain very competitive pricing. We are always looking to improve process flows and solutions to minimize costs and offer greater value to our customers. We can maintain an inventory of parts in order to quickly manage unforeseen supply chain challenges or adhere to kanban replenishment systems. We maintain the shortest lead times in the industry and we offer full support on all of our products and we can answer any of your thermal questions.