Meeting all of your Microporous Insulation needs

Advanced Ceramics microporous insulation is a superior solution for very efficient thermal insulation applications at high temperatures. Our microporous insulation is ideal where very low thermal conductivity, low weight and critical space concerns are required .

  • AEROPORE: aerospace insulation mainly used for commercial / military aircrafts, maritime vessels, locomotive and military vehicles.
  • THERMAPORE: customized solutions including thermal batteries, fuel cells, detection systems and analytical/testing devices.
  • CERAPORE: flexible, semi-flexible and rigid insulation for steel, glass, aluminum, petrochemical and other industrial applications.
  • MACHINED NON-MICROPOROUS MATERIALS: machined parts of all shapes and sizes created from but not limited to Macor, high purity alumina, plastics or glass.

Advanced Ceramics microporous insulation high purity core components supply the following optimum characteristics:

  • Fumed metal oxides minimize the effects of conduction and convection within the insulation.
  • Proprietary opacifiers reflect/refract/absorb radiation to reduce its effect.
  • High temperature non-Refractory Ceramic Fibers (RCFs) give superior physical strength.
  • All mixes are inorganic, binder-free and do not contain or release any toxic or hazardous products.
  • Engineered solutions for customized shapes and sizes including CNC milling to tight tolerances and metal or fabric encapsulation.
  • All parts can be painted using water based non-toxic aerospace paint or anti-dusting coatings.

These products have been formulated in accordance with strict aerospace and industrial guidelines and adhere to REACH specifications and registrations.

Flight Data Recorder (Black Box) Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)
Accurate CNC Milling of our products Accurate CNC Milling of our products