ADVANCED CERAMICS provides a full range of services that allows you to achieve the best possible benefit from our products.


Our expert engineers understand the full range of capabilities of microporous insulation. We can assist you in obtaining the most appropriate, prompt and economical solutions for all you thermal needs.


ADVANCED CERAMICS has a complete testing facility that includes furnace as well as flame fire tests. Furnace tests can be run up to 1125°C (2057°F) and can quickly acquire testing data and compare different materials, densities, orientations and configurations to show what the optimum solution would be. Flame fire tests are used to simulate the qualification tests such as EUROCAE ED-55 and ED-112. The flame fire test can be run consistantly for multiple hours and produces flame temperatures up to 1200°C (2192°F) and energy flux up to 75,000 BTU/ft²/hr ( 237 kW/m²) and will provide realistic data that will be obtained in the qualification test.


We provide telephone assistance via our hotline. Please refer to our Contact page to learn more about other means to contact us.

“We were very impressed with Advanced Ceramics ability to adapt their existing testing facilities to our specific needs quickly with accurate results.”-Electrical Engineer, Quantum Engineering Inc.